8 Mistakes to Avoid in Facebook Ads

8 Mistakes to Avoid in Facebook Ads

Your current team (internal or otherwise) could be burning up your reserves simply by making the following mistakes with your Facebook ads. Paid social is super fun, super sexy, so everyone thinks that they can do it. Not true. Mistakes will happen and microscopic, tight budgets will balloon quickly.

Digital marketers make mistakes. So do bosses and with paid social, right now, everyone thinks that they can do it. Not true. Mistakes will happen and microscopic, tight budgets will balloon quickly.

This can cause you to feel like the paid social ads are not working or that your marketing budget is not being appropriated correctly or even that your brand is some how failing. In reality, you are most likely making one or more of these mistakes. Don't throw in the towel just yet on SEM, PPC or social media marketing. Check to see if your can make any course corrections based on these common mistakes. Regroup!

Mistake #1 – Looking for Leads instead of Conversions

When setting up your Facebook ad, you might have done like many others and selected wrong type of campaign for your end goal. It's Facebook, it's harder to convert paid social customer immediately for business transactions than it is PPC, as the audience needs to get to know your brand before buying -- unlike search, they weren't looking for you. You may make a few fast sales, but the biggest name of the paid social game is building a relationship, the RETURN ON RELATIONSHIP.

Think of it as a love interest your are trying to wine and dine in hopes that they end up loving you. And you can smooch. It is the same with Facebookers (without the kissing), you are trying to convert viewers into sales. When you are marketing through Facebook ads, you will 90% of the time you will want to run your marketing campaign as a conversion instead of lead ad. You're doing a lot more than just promote a product when you learn how to create a Facebook ad, so with some determination, you should start to see a much better ROI with this change, Facebook users do not like to feel rushed into making a purchase. They don't know who you are, you targeted them based on intent, behavior, interests, and they weren't searching for you. Yet.

Mistake #2 – Trying Everything all at Once

When creating a Facebook ad, please, man, please refrain from putting everything into one ad. Even overloading an ad set is nuts at times because you will never be able to sort out what your target audience is responding to or what is turning them away. You can't split test or test audiences, separating each of the interests or topics into different paid social ads on Facebook. Without that, you will never be able to judge which ones your customers prefer.

Once you have the interests narrowed down, you will be able to utilize your marketing budget better by being able to pinpoint your advertisement. Then, you will start to see and feel that your Facebook ads are worth the time and budget money.

Mistake #3 – Hyper-Focusing on Cost

Of course budget is important, however, if that is your main focus, you will likely be missing things require equal attention: ad copy, creative, conversion paths, testing segments of the ads, and so on.

Throwing more money into a paid social ad will not magically fix an issue. Sometimes, more money makes the issue even worse - Facebook may see this increase in spend and assume If you are not getting conversions or clicks, you might be looking to fuel an increase to supplement putting more eyeballs (via frequency) on your ads. You will need to step away from funneling more money into it and change your focus on finding out what is not working. It could be that the interests are too wide, the target audience or location is not quite right, or a number of other issues.

Once you have stopped looking at the cost or trying put spend more in hopes of better results, you will be able to pinpoint the real issues with the Facebook ad and correct it. This will have you utilizing your budget much more efficiently and your ads producing your desired results.

Mistake #4 – Overtaxing the Budget

This goes along with mistake number three. When the focus becomes more about throwing money into the ads instead of content, research, planning and the like, ads suffer and will be inefficient. Having an overabundance of ads will not necessarily "get the word out" about your product, event, services, or brand in the way that you intend.

In fact, having too many ads, campaigns, or paid social ad sets, will only lead to your account (and your brand voice) getting muddled causing poor ad productivity. One quick way to scale back and get your ads to produce results, is to consolidate. Clean up what you have. Combine the ads that share the same target audiences. This will lead to getting the sought after CPA much faster.

Mistake #5 – Far Too Many Ad Sets Without Optimization

This again goes right along with what was discussed above. Not only can you put too much money into an ad and have too many ads, but you can also make the mistake of having too many Facebook advertisements that are just not optimized - not to budget alone, but performance. You are not alone in this, as many make this common mistake.

Be sure you are following the required Facebook optimization needs and scale back on the number of ads, keeping and focusing on the successful ones. The ads that are producing conversions are the ones to put your marketing budget funds into. The others need to be done away with or as stated above combined.

Mistake # 6 – No Management

This is not having a marketing manager, office manager, or the like to run manage the budget. This is about no management or daily maintenance of the Facebook ad, which can be the single biggest issue in this type of advertising.

You. need. to. pay. attention.

Without management, your advertisements will lose traction and lack in productivity. You can't just "set it and forget it."

You need to be sure someone stays on top of your Facebook marketing campaign. There is always something to monitor, correct, develop, and adjust such as CPM metrics,  ad content being relevant and accurate, the ROI for the ad, and so on. Taking the time and money to create an ad and let it run on it own is never going to end with good results.

Mistake # 7 – Letting Auto-Placement Do The Work For You

Okay, this is not a completely bad thing. Facebook's automatic placement setting will ensure your ad is placed correctly and start in the right places. It can also be a time saver. However, it can become a mistake when too much reliance it placed on letting Facebook do it all.

Just be sure you are editing what you need to in order so that the placement is going to produce your desired results. Don't put your video ad on Facebook Marketplace if you don't think it's going to perform there. You can trust your gut too. Also keep in mind with some of the ad set settings your cost will be higher or lower and you might save money as well.

Mistake #8 – No Understanding of Facebook Ad Settings

This could very easily the the number one biggest mistake when it comes to all PPC, but especially Facebook paid ads. Novice users can and will easily run into all kinds of mistakes when they start out because, as the saying goes, you don't know what you don't know until you need to know it. Not knowing exactly what you are doing and how the settings work can be costly and lead to bad placement.

This could seem like a lot of things to look out for in order to avoid big mistakes and big costs in budget, but the good news is you are now aware of them. Knowing is half the battle. Also, you have a better understanding of what to do and not to do. With some adjustments in your settings, content, placement, and so on, you will begin to see your Facebook paid ads produce the results you need to promote your event, products, services, and/or brand.