Facebook Ads Aren't Going Anywhere in 2020

Facebook Ads Aren't Going Anywhere in 2020

Advertisers are faced with tough decisions every day. Not knowing where to get information, and who can be counted on to have their business’s best interests at heart (and not their own), can be tough. Results speak loudly, so even we take a step back when an article like this comes across out our desk (or falls into our laps).

Facebook Getting Too Expensive For Advertisers? Costs Jumped 90% Year-Over-Year - Forbes

Recent studies indicate that there is concern from your competitors about the inflated costs on Facebook’s network. Much like the television, there is inventory to consider, especially as each and every viewer and eyeball matches into several unique buckets based on intent, affinity and behavior. People that might be serial entrepreneurs might also dig t-shirts from cool brands like ShirtPunch! or could be digging a band that is on their 20th reunion tour that remains an indie darling, but that they love passionately.

Before we pull your money back and overreact: advertising is not about the cost. It never has been. It’s about your ROAS (return on ad spend). If we said that we could get you a $5000 return on a $500 spend, you as a business owner are far too intelligent to miss how good of an opportunity that is. That’s 5000% and I am sure anyone of sound mind and body would continue to find dollars to fuel that. I know that I would. Paid social media ads, and Facebook advertising in general, just plain work. 

It is about quality through targeting. Hyper-targeting, if you will, and that is something that Facebook continues to bet will bring you and your brand and your company into their advertising ecosystem time-and-time again.

If it wasn’t working, if this whole thing was a mess and it didn’t convert and was a sham, a joke, you’d know. 


It works. You just need an expert to help you and won’t break your budget in the process of doing so. Speaking of that pesky little “b word,” not everyone has millions to spend on advertising, naturally, you can’t possibly have hundreds of thousands a month for paid social advertising. Some people can get by with $1,500 to $2,000 a month, which is great and as I mentioned earlier, can sometimes yield a pretty killer return. Some people only spend that in a year.

Facebook advertising success is a mixture of consistency, patience, and commitment to the long-term health of your campaigns/brand. You have to test and commit to the art and science of advertising as you would with traditional or radio, and become proficient in tailoring your message to the right demo based on things like location, interests, hobbies or professional activities. 

You already run a business and this kind of work is a job unto itself. It’s likely that you’ll need to get help. No matter how smart you are, hours are limited. You’ve got bigger fish to fry to keep your company afloat and, you’re probably not an expert in the anomalies of Facebook marketing. Have a partner that you can define what success looks like for your company, have them illustrate how they think they can get you there, and then work together on a plan that marries your goals with their strengths.

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