Facebook Paid Social Ads vs. Google Search Ads: Which is Better?

Facebook Paid Social Ads vs. Google Search Ads: Which is Better?

If you run your own business, you surely know that PPC, or pay-per-click, advertising is a must. It is one way to reach your target audience on platforms like Facebook ads and Google Ads. PPC is a great way to get your products and/or services out to the masses while promoting your brand. Facebook and Google have this type of advertising down to a science with closely watched algorithms and audience targeting.

With digital advertising through paid social and paid search, you have two great options. You just have to decide if paid social or paid search meets your marketing needs and budget. Of course your day is already filled with your day-to-day operations of running your business so, it can be almost impossible to find the time to sort through all the options out there.

You are in luck! We have done much of the legwork for you. Below you will find the information on the differences between paid social and paid search PPC advertising. Once your have a better understand of each, you will be able to know which one will be better suited to reach your targeted audience or customers.

Paid Social Advertising: Benefits

Think of paid social as working in the same way as a television or radio commercial. You are sitting there watching TV or listening to the radio then, BAM, a commercial. This is the same way paid social works. Your targeted audience will, in this case, check their Facebook or Instagram account and your ad will pop up for them to see. It may seem a little like invading their social media, but as a whole, consumers are already used to it thanks to traditionally aired, disruptive commercials and even billboards.

However, unlike traditional commercials, you get to know exactly how your ad is working, or not working with the built-in analytics. You will have access to vital information such as how your ad is getting responded to and what types of audiences are responding. You will also be able to set specific parameters to better target those who you feel would be most interested in your product and/or services and to build custom audiences based on engages and behaviors, as well as user intent.

In addition, with paid social your will be able to get to individuals that you would never have a chance to otherwise. This is because although most everyone uses some search platform, not everyone likes or used Google. However, there are millions of users with social media accounts, such as Facebook.

Traditional Paid Search: Benefits

With paid search advertising, your ad will pop up once your target audience uses the correct search query for your business. For example, if you sell "banana splits" in Las Vegas and an individual types in something such as "ice cream Las Vegas," your ad will appear in the platform's ads if it's determined the query is relevant to your ad. It might just be more expensive.

This is very specific advertising geared towards those who are searching for your product and/or services. This means they are more likely to click on your ad since they are looking for it. This is internet marketing at its best. The only thing left to do is ensure you offer something better, cheaper, faster, etc. than the competition and convince the potential customer to purchase from you.

Where to go from here?

As you can see, both paid social (especially Facebook and Instagram ads) and paid search/PPC have their benefits. So, how will you decide? Let's break it down a bit further with taking a look at how each can build your business or brand, how fast your will begin to see results, and how each will fit into advertising budgets.

Getting Noticed: Social or Search?

When planning your advertising budget, you need the greatest ROI for your dollar. Building your company's brand is vital for a thriving business. Therefore, paid social is king for growing your company. With paid search, the target is most likely looking for a solution and not a specific brand or business.

Social media offers companies the unique opportunity to become connected with their potential customers. Individuals are on these platforms for the purpose of connecting. Therefore, they are already in the mindset of making a relationship with other users and even companies or brands they may want to do business with.

Paid social advertising offers a vast platform to generate buzz about your brand, your vision, and your product and/or services. This will create awareness about who you are and why people should spend their time and money with you instead of the other guy. This also helps to build brand loyalty.

Paid Social or Paid Search: For Fastest Results

The quick answer is: Google paid search advertising or PPC; for generating quick sales that is. This is because when a potential client enters in the specific search terms they are already looking for what you are selling and half way to making a purchase. From there, is it simply up to you to have what they are needing at a better price, quality, and/or quantity than the competition.

Paid social PPC ads usually take a bit more time to sink in, have longer funnels, but can (and will) have better conversion rates when used correctedly.) Brands need to truly build that connection with your brand. They want to get to know you first, unless your ad is a crazy sale or a product or service they feel they just can't live without.

Cost: No easy Answer Here

Again, ROI is vital for most companies and budgeting can mean all the difference in which pay-per-click ads to utilize. However, paid social and paid search costs vary so greatly depending one your needs. If you are only concerned with generating quick sales, then paid search may be the better option. This is because although the cost per clicks are higher, they usually produce sales faster. Users are looking for a particular item, so they will be more likely to buy that item.

With paid social, they are being coerced from moment one. You need to massage that lead to gain that win and if your are more interested in growing our business, then paid social will be the cheaper choice because they cost per engagement/interaction is much less than paid search.

As you can see, choosing between paid social and paid search involves quite a few variables. To determine with is the best fit for your business, you will have to look at what you want to accomplish.

  • Are you interested in fast sales or growing your brand?
  • Are you able to utilize both or do you only have the time and budget for one?
  • How fast do you need to see the ROI?

Both will allow you to target your audience, but they work in two vastly different ways. So, look at your company and decide what is the most important for your future, sales or branding, then make the best decision from there.