Not Incorporating Facebook Video? You're Missing Out.

Not Incorporating Facebook Video? You're Missing Out.

While page post reach at Facebook dwindles, social media marketers are on the lookout for something big, fresh and new. Reach alone isn’t the be-all and end-all people, there are still tons of opportunities to expand reach on social media. It’s engagement and advocacy that matter. Let’s all just sit together now and predict that we’re headed somewhere different and, yet, very familiar. As it pertains to video content, Facebook marketers currently create content at other networks like YouTube and upload to their Facebook accounts to share with followers. That’s just not getting the reach it once did and the rules of how to get that engagement have now changed.

How do you get out there and make a little noise? How can you outsmart your competitors who may not even be in the space? There’s time to truly kill it at social media marketing for your business and it starts and ends with video. This includes livestreaming, which we previously talked about here: “Why Embracing Periscope Opens Up New Avenues for Your Brand”

How do you know that video is the next wave of social publishing? Twitter was threatened by another ingenious company creating a livestreaming application that used their API to syndicate it. What did they do? They launched Periscope, which, to be fair, was probably already in the works when Meerkat was getting their praises sung at SXSW 2015, but that’s a lesson for another day. Frankly, you shouldn’t bank on using the API or tech of another company to build your own tools because when a richer and more aggressive company comes along, unless you have saturated the market with your tool, it’s going to end very quickly.

First, you’ll just need to be more creative. You’re dealing with a vastly more informed and sophisticated consumer. You don’t have to be the best or the brightest, just find an idea that you like out there and do it. Be clever. Any product or service has the ability to move the needle with social video.

You and your brand can expand and grow as you come up with unique ways to bring eyeballs to your products and services. Remember it’s social, but let’s add some value. The reason that video is working right now is that it is different and requires a different approach. A lot of people miss out on the soft sell that is social; you don’t need to drop paid ads in for hundreds of variations in order to add value to your brand. Behind the scenes and exclusive “live from…” content is killing it because it’s not something you can do in a “content calendar.” Even if you send a team out to a site to handle the workload for a client, that content is still raw. That’s probably the beauty of it: it’s not pre-packaged.

Facebook users are streaming Facebook Live posts like crazy and Facebook is showing preference to their own players as it is. New live posts “are more likely to appear higher in News Feed when those videos are actually live, compared to after they are no longer live.”

Read: stream live.

Your stuff will be seen by more people and will expand your audience dramatically. It’s not just about those page likes. Stream for at least 10 minutes and you’ll see growth and interactions. People will share good content so make some good stuff. Let’s talk cupcakes or a cupcake factory. You’ve got a built-in opportunity to show something unique behind the scenes. Tour the factory, show those delectable morsels being made in real time and people will pay attention. They will comment and will engage and, if you’re good at this stuff, they will share.

Since we are seeing such great engagement on those posts as it is currently, Facebook isn’t going to stop promoting this stuff anytime soon. As it is, we’re consuming video content on Facebook at such a high rate. In fact, Facebook has

“4 billion daily video streams; A number that’s only going to continue to grow with time.”

As a brand owner, you need to get in the game. Don’t just stand on the sideline with your silly cat posts or promoted posts about sales flyers. No one cares about that stuff. They want to be entertained.

Think about a humorous site, maybe BuzzFeed pops into your head, I am sure and it should. Think what you will about their “listicles,” but the company gets over 7 billion monthly content views in 2016, up from 2.5 billion in 2015. More than 75% of BuzzFeed's content views occur outside of its website, and a significant portion of that comes from social media. Facebook represents 33%, Snapchat accounts for 21%, and YouTube represents 14%. Their videos have long been what drives the BuzzFeed name out and around the web. Remember when they only got 3 million views a month? I do…they returned my emails back then.

That’s more of a content syndication story, yes, but it just proves something valuable: there is room for good content to begin with and right now the social sites that matter (Twitter and Facebook) who are emphasizing the use of their native livestreaming platforms. They are expanding reach and engagement and delivering unheard of amounts of traffic to brand pages. We all know that the “return” on social media but right now, this is a trend that you might be able to get in front of, so head out there now while you still can.