SEO Matters and Here's Why

SEO Matters and Here's Why


SEO isn't dead, Mr. CEO


By now, you know that SEO stands for search engine optimization and that, yes, it is probably the most powerful and important tool in the digital marketing kit. Many business owners, however, do not seem to understand the role that optimizing sites to search queries truly plays or the value to them. It's disheartening, but we're getting there.

FYI, this post is born from weird lunch with a former co-worker who didn't "get" why SEO was valued at all.

Let's start with something important, here's what SEO isn't: it is no longer a series of super quick, super easy cheats (looking at you, keyword stuffing) or even some weird PBN (personal blog network) stuff where you swapped links with your own higher authority site. Those tactics didn't "work," that was cheating. SEO has never and will never be easy. It is work, quite meticulous at times, and it can be very infuriating, but what we do now is built on the backs of the "experts" before us that didn't game the framework and worked for that slow win. That's SEO: a slow, steady win.

It can be much faster at times, sure, but don't expect results immediately, especially in a hard vertical. Google got smart to what people were doing and bad links, bad sites, the tons and tons of casino and gambling text links all seemed to go right away.

Search engine optimization is an art form. SEO is a mix of exercises that help search engines find your site, your presence, your content. SEO allows Google to trust you and see your resourcefulness, to sort out the data you're distributing, and present it to clients looking for it. They want to make sure that you have a positive value to their searcher. 

To an ever increasing extent, SEO is more about people than sites. More than ever, good SEO requires that you study what your crowd or customers are searching for so that you can deliver what they are looking for. When your SEO system works, of course there will be intrinsic benefits to traffic and, one would hope, sales. As site rank improves, the quality of traffic will as well. 

Why does my business need SEO? SEO is dead, right?

Numerous organizations readily accept that SEO procedures don't concern them. It's pretty insane, but I have heard it first hand that some consider it to be excessively muddled, or they think their physical business doesn't perceive any profit by web search tools.

Both are false.

Website optimization helps your business from numerous points of view and is a fundamental device in your advertising and effort endeavors. It supports all the other pieces of the digital marketing pie and eases the overall burden on the team to drive traffic to the site. Churning out great content is also a good way to get new social media content together. The biggest reason this thought process is flawed:

Everybody uses search engines. Period. End of sentence. Full stop. 

Whether looking for directions, for a present for your Mom, playing a web-based sports simulation game, people are on the internet all the time. There are 63,000 global Google searches per second. That's over a trillion searches a day that you could be missing out on because your opinion is clouding your willingness to listen to facts. People search with intent. They want what you have or know who you are and want to find the best or fastest result to show up.

In the event that you give significant data and make it simple for Google to discover and sort your site out, they will probably help you out with higher rankings. This is cool because this means more visitors to your pages.

Web optimization Brings You Qualified Leads (For Free)

Since web crawlers return results to customers who are effectively scanning for a specific term or expression, finding a workable pace of that stack implies you're giving data to the individuals who need it most, when they need it.

In that instance, you aren't attempting to push data before individuals are ready and you don't need to pay to get the message to them. By and large, site improvement is the most economical approaches to "fix" your site -- or to get it started off on the right foot from day one!