Setting Up Social Media To Win

Setting Up Social Media To Win

Wanna Succeed on Social Media?

There are way too many things you can do to set up your social media to win any the top dogs have been preaching about them for a long time. Quite possibly over a decade, but as the old saying goes, “Winner winner chicken dinner!” is where you want to be: winning. Setting up your social media the right way will ensure you are getting the likes, visitors, shares, replies, reposts, that you need to get the word out about who you are, about your product, service, and/or website. Along with a carefully planned out social media campaign strategy and daily content creation, we will discuss various other actions you can make to put you in the winner's circle with your social media marketing plan.

1) Know Your Target Audience

This is one of the most important things you can do. If you don't know who your are marketing to, how do you plan to ever be successful? Knowing what they respond to, ignore, like, or dislike is critical for success. It is even more so if you want to convert your followers into loyal customers. You may be asking how can you get to know them. You are in luck! Here is your answer:

  • Never Assume – Many assume Facebook is for the older generations and not many Millennials are on the platform. However, this is simply not true. Data might show that younger generations are skewing away from the network and many are changing privacy settings, there is an audience there for everyone.
  • Utilize the Analytics at Your Fingertips – Watch who is visiting your page and who cares about your content. Take the time -you can look at the age groups, their locations, the phone type used, the language preferences, and much more. This is available in all social media platforms and for free. It will help you build the next step.
  • Build PersonasThis HubSpot tool allows you to create a model of your ideal target to better understand your audience. You'll get a better picture of the characteristics of each potential customer to help you visualize their wants and needs and empathize with their pain points, matching their against your own strengths, while working around and fixing your weaknesses.
  • Utilize Past Visitors – Look at what they liked, didn't like, what and how they commented, etc. Basically do an audit of your existing social media accounts. A good, solid, powerful, deep audit. Am I being clear here? Take it seriously -- social sells stuff when you care and you do it right.

Look at Your Social Media Accounts – Are They Working For You?

Look all your social media accounts and determine if that platform is right for you. You may be seeing some success on Instagram, but not so much on Twitter. If this is the case, you may need to improve your daily content creation or eliminate or slow down the account all together and possibly start over. Maybe you got it wrong and wiping the slate clean is the best path so you should be an event of it and move forward that way. If you are not getting the followers you feel you should, you may simply need to optimize your content. As part of your social media campaign strategy you need to post images size appropriate for the platform, complete all profiles, and be sure the correct keywords are being used so you will show up in the searches.

Post Creative Content Regularly

Posting on social media platforms is not a post once and forget about it. That goes without saying, right? To stay current you not only need to post daily ideally, but post content that will create a buzz. Post stuff that your followers care about, but that the people who fit the persona of your ideal consumer will care about too. That is who matters. Those are the people you want to care about your material and advocate for your brand. One great way to stay on track is creating a calendar for your posts. Does this in Google Drive or use a planning tool like Hootsuite, Sprout Social, Buffer, or any platform you choose, they're all pretty great. It will also help as a reminder to engage with your followers, and keep your posts mixed up so they don't become repetitive. 

Don't be Afraid of Your Competitors 

Looking at your competitors when planning your social medial marketing plan is actually a great place to start. Check out where they are showing success and where they are failing. What themes worked for them? Where can you see yourself succeeding and what doesn't work for you? If you're a clothing store that takes yourself super serious, do not be silly, fun, bright, youthful. That is the wrong crowd, and it goes against the persona piece: those are not your audience. You want to make $200 garment sales, not $20. That's not your crowd. You can also look at your personal favorite brand, pages, websites for inspiration when adding content to your social media platforms. 

Be SMART With Your Goals

SMART goals are not just for boardroom meeting or locker rooms anymore. When planning your social media goals you should always make sure you use they SMART guidelines to achieve them. 

  • S – Specific. Make your goals very specific in what your are wanting to achieve with your social media such as to get new followers.
  • M – Measurable. Your goals need to have a means to measure their progress. For example, if your goal is to gain new followers, change it to have 50 new followers. This gives you a measurement to your goal instead of an open-ended, “to gain new followers.”
  • A – Achievable. Be realistic in your goals. Don't defeat your goal before your even begun. For instance, a goal of getting 2 million followers in a week in not really an attainable goal for most. 
  • R – Results-Based. If you cannot see results from your strategy in reaching your goals, it will be a great indicator to change strategies.
  • T – Time-Based. Give your goal a time limit. This will also help you to stay focused on the end results. However, don't forget the A. Keep the time frame attainable. 

Take a look at your accounts and the areas discusses above to see if you can improve in some of these areas to set up your social media to win. Any social media campaign strategy that utilizes these pointers is sure to see success. Even a bit helps. We've done this a ton for a lot of brands, so before giving up on your social media forever just revisit the areas that are lacking and implement some SMART goals today. These combined with your daily content creation, your social media marketing plan will be right back on track.