Create Partners and Advocates

Who doesn’t want to see their products in the hands of the topic bloggers, social media mavens, reviewers and kings of influencer marketing on the web? Having successfully coordinated campaigns with highly influential individuals, we are connected to the pulse of who is building brand advocacy. Be it reviews of products, testing of sample materials, film reviews or set visits, we know who we want to get out in front of.

Influencer Marketing

Micro and major influencers can be found to deliver the best results for your brand’s release or to drive visibility of your products. But who knows where to find those pockets of people that want to deliver some new, digital ROR (return on relationship)? We do.

Don’t think that ROI is dead; it’s not. The game has changed, though. Word of mouth is still king, but that king lives on social media and on blogs. Billboards and print are dead. While sitting in traffic on the highway, look around you and see who is actually engaging with the billboards. No one — they’re all on their phones. We can help you connect to the difference makers and drive the views you need to create buzz.