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Alden Digital focuses on brand management of your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+ accounts with relevant content curated by our team of writers. Whether generating website views or driving visitors to pages focusing on client product reviews, we WILL get eyeballs on your brand by engaging through unique social media initiatives. We don’t care what vertical you operate in, we’ve seen it and done it. And, if memory serves us, we did it well too.

Social Media 2

Hootsuite found that 48 percent of Americans have interacted with companies or institutions on at least one social media network. Social media profiles are your calling card; the thing that’s going to get you noticed. 20 years ago, handing out a business card on the counter of your cupcake store’s counter (again with the cupcakes!) was enough. Now, you need to really make sure that your social media is “up to snuff.” If you’re looking to move the needle for your brand, ensure that you’re executing truly great plans with the latest information and techniques at your disposal.

Try something visual. If you’re a image-friendly brand or someone who thinks their product looks good on camera, we deliver campaigns that will help grow your presence on the latest platforms. Want to work with Instagram influencers or Snapchat mavens? We get it. We do too! That’s why we’ve created relationships with top microinfluencers to get visibility for client projects. Taking pride in all things digital — that’s what we do.

We work hard and want to work hard for you. Our Baltimore and New York based social media services come with a level of sophistication and the will to win. We want your brand to not only look the best it ever has, but we want customers and consumers banging your doors in to buy it.